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Advantages of our services

Our solutions are the guarantee for your product to be in demand on the market

Regular research work, understanding of the interrelation of flavour and taste with emotions of the end-user allow us, together with our customers, to develop unique technological solutions for the food industry at the earliest possible moment

Development of the new ingredient
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Development of the end product
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Adaptation of existing ingredien
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Final decision

Development of the new ingredient

Customized solutions
Combining experience
Marketing and technologies
Unique ingredients
We create individual technological solutions, the quality and cost of which solve existing business tasks as effectively as possible.
We combine our own know-how and the recommendations of our partners - European fragrance houses and manufacturers, we provide our customers with access to world-class expertise and competences
Thanks to the combination of the knowledge of marketers and the best technologists of the industry, the application of our developments during the production of food products ensures high commercial results of the final products.
Unique flavour active and functional ingredients created in our own innovative laboratory are becoming one of the key success factors for our customers’ finished products.
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Comprehensive solution

Solution creation process

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Formulation of the challenge

Development of an exclusive taste, optimization of the production process, adaptation of the product for the local or global market, reduction of cost while increasing quality, increase of product yield, extension of shelf life, change of organoleptic characteristics - all the way to everyone's favorite "Surprise us". All that is required at this stage is to define the task that KR Ingredients will solve for you.

Detailing of the technical task

We detail two key aspects of the task - technological and commercial. After a deep study of our client's market, product, production process and suppliers, we determine what added value our technological solution can create and describe it in detail.

Development of the ingredient

The first stage of the innovation-production complex, within which we develop our solutions, is an innovation laboratory. Technologists and marketers of KR Ingredients, conducting a series of analyses, tests and consultations with representatives of aromatic houses and producers of raw materials, develop an optimal solution that exactly meets the requirements of the technical task.

Creating product samples

The presence of our own experimental workshop of KR Ingredients allows us to produce and present for tasting a sample of finished products made on the basis of the raw materials used by our client. We are always ready to invite the technologists of our customers to the production, to work with them on the product using the ingredient we have created.

Internal tasting and evaluation

The internal evaluation system, which is used as part of tastings, allows you to determine which of the product samples we created most accurately meets the task set by the client in terms of its organoleptic characteristics. We are fully responsible for the taste qualities of the final products, and tasting is an additional stage of testing and control, which is implemented by the most experienced specialists of KR Ingredients.

Transfer of the product to the client

We bring the product to the optimal result and hand it over to the client. Subsequently, we provide full technological support for our solution, cooperating with the client's technologists up to the process of finalizing the experimental batch of the product at the client's facilities or in the experimental workshop of KR Ingredients.

Receiving feedback

If it is necessary to finalize the solution, the KR Ingredients technologist makes appropriate amendments to the recipe, performs product development in the experimental workshop and, after tasting, again provides the required result to the client.

Conclusion of the contract

After discussing all the technical and commercial terms of supply, we conclude a cooperation agreement.

Technological support

In order to build a strong long-term relationship with the client, we provide full technological support of our solutions after signing the contract and delivery. We assign a technologist to each client's enterprise, who is constantly available to provide any production assistance and prompt response to any force majeure situations.

Technological solution

Adaptation of existing ingredien

On the technological basis of our experimental workshop and innovative laboratory, we carry out a full range of works on research, testing and adaptation of ingredients for specific technological or marketing challenges.

We solve even the most complex challenges

The synergy of experience of our most experienced specialists, employees of research and development establishments, as well as young creative professionals allow us to solve the most complex research an technological challenges.

Modification of individual characteristics of the ingredients

Our best practices and know-how allow us to modify individual characteristics of the ingredients, ensuring their maximum efficiency in existing manufacturing process of our customers.


KR Ingredients is ready to help its customers and fulfil requests for the supply of ingredients as soon as possible

Please, contact us – we will promptly answer your request and propose an appropriate solution

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Відділ продаж: +380503485834
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