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KR Ingredients is a synergy of experience, innovativeness and understanding of consumer

We integrate professionalism and developments of the leading Ukrainian technologists, scientific base of the food technology experts with energy and creative ideas of the best young market experts. Combining knowledge of major world trends, our own technological know-how and focus on customer’s taste, we create unique and effective solutions in partnership with our customers.

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Top industry experts

Young professionals

We carefully select the most promising young professionals whose leadership qualities and creative energy are becoming an integral part of our service and innovative solutions.

Industry experts

Thanks to cooperation with the best experts in the food industry, we are able to apply unique technological solutions and know-how.

Synergy of young professionals’ energy and recognized experts’ experience
Why our products work

The basis for the development of our products is a comprehensive marketing analysis

Components of marketing analysis
Consumer preferences
Distribution of products
Market research
Communication channels
Based on the analysis, we present
Research results
Finished product
Analysis result
The client understands how he will earn with the help of the finished product
How we make our products

How we make our products

We carry out a full cycle of product development on the basis of our own innovation and production complex, which consists of an innovation laboratory, experimental and production workshops. The presence of this complex is an opportunity for our customers to make decisions on expanding their own product line and improving individual products with maximum speed and minimum costs.

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Cooperation with the world's leading suppliers of raw materials, as well as our own production facilities, allow us to offer our customers the widest range of the best ingredients for the food industry.

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Under the conditions of food culture and perception of tastes, in a state of oversaturation of the market with various offers, we offer our knowledge and experience to effectively solve the favorite task of our customers - "Surprise me".

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KR Ingredients
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