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Manufacturing of KR Ingredients

Innovation and manufacturing complex of KR Ingredients provides maximum quickness and efficiency for introduction of the new ingredients

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Product development

Innovation and manufacturing complex

Our complex is a system of interaction between the R&D laboratory, experimental workshop and manufacturing workshop. Each element of this system allows us, together with our customers, to create in the shortest possible time effective solutions for production tasks of any complexity.
Development of additives

R&D Laboratory

Our R&D laboratory allows us to consolidate and select the best ingredients that the market offers. By performing the functions of organoleptic quality control, control of conformity of structural and mechanical indicators, as well as carrying out procedures for the selection and possible replacement of ingredient suppliers, we can optimize existing products for our customers. In addition, in partnership with our customers, new ingredients and technological solutions are created in the R&D laboratory, the use of which increases the profitability of food production.

Laboratory capabilities

Selection of the best flavors, functional ingredients and natural spices for production
Optimization of technological solutions in existing products
Checking the compliance of raw materials with organoleptic indicators
Selection and consultation on replacement of ingredient suppliers
Input control of structural and mechanical indicators of gels
Development of new ingredients
Manufacturing of samples of finished products for snacks
Production of products

Experimental workshop

Our own experimental workshop allows us to test the ingredients produced on the finished product. This significantly speeds up the implementation of KR Ingredients solutions at our customers' production facilities and minimizes possible risks.

Experimental workshop capabilities

Meat processing
Snack processing
Full production cycle from 2 to 5 days
Joint workouts with the customers’ technologists

Advantages of the experimental workshop

Confidence in efficiency of solutions developed in R&D laboratory
Maximum speed of testing the characteristics for the finished products
Space for sharing experience and knowledge with our customers
Mass manufacturing of products

Manufacturing workshop

Modern equipment and the production process automation allow us to solve the production tasks of our customers in full and on time.

Focus areas of manufacturing workshop

Timely execution of applications from customers due to its own reserves and production capacities.
Minimum terms for execution of order from receipt of application to shipment.
Guarantee of quality standards confirmed by international certificates
Stability of taste of the supplied products

Products are guaranteed safe for the consumer

Introduced НАССР ISO 22000
HACCP products are certified
Certified by DQS Group
In 2017, the first supervisory audit took place

KR Ingredients is ready to help its customers and fulfil requests for the supply of ingredients as soon as possible

Please, contact us – we will promptly answer your request and propose an appropriate solution

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