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Our objective

Creating the perfect taste for the consumer is our common objective


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Effective partnership

While creating open and effective partnerships with customers for the joint development of successful products, we exchange knowledge and experience, combining efforts around a common objective - to create unforgettable taste sensations for customers all over the world..

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  • Partnership

    Partnership is the key to successful products

    By listening and understanding our customers, we unite our competences around a common objective – to produce the most delicious product for the customer. Openness, involvement, business ethics, pleasure from the process of joint decision making, as well as full technological support for the customers are the basis, on which we build partnership relations.

  • Caring for the end consumer

    Our ingredients and technologies are the guarantee of quality

    The HACCP quality system certified by the German DQS Group, dealing with world leading suppliers of the first-class components, complete production traceability, preventing cross contamination, as well as close cooperation with specialized laboratories are the guarantee of quality for solutions that we create.

  • Quickness

    Development of comprehensive solution for the customer within 7 days

    Inner process optimization, own R&D laboratory and manufacturing facility, elimination of any bureaucratic procedures and goal-oriented approach is a base on which we create world-class solutions for our clients in shortest terms.

  • Creative approach

    We create new tastes for consumers

    We choose the best from the aroma libraries of the world's largest suppliers and constantly explore the market in search of exclusive components from small manufacturers. Combining the knowledge of the main world trends, our own technological know-how and focus on the taste of the consumer, we are always ready to solve our customers’ favourite task – "Surprise me".

  • Experience

    Our experience is the experience of our employees

    We have combined many years of experience and professionalism of our technologists with scientific knowledge and unique developments of leading scientists in the field of food technologies. By bringing together a team of those who have dedicated all their research and professional activities to creating effective technological solutions, we provide world-class expertise for our customers.

The main objective of

The main objective of KR Ingredients

To create new tastes, ingredients of the highest quality and unique technological food solutions in co-creation with our customers


Ingredients for meat, fish and snack products from KR Ingredients become key factors in the success of the final products that our clients offer to the consumer. You can familiarize yourself with the entire range of ingredients offered by us on the 'Ingredients' page.

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At the request of our customers, as well as on our own initiative, we create customized technological solutions, quality and cost of which solve the currently existing business challenges to maximum effect.

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Depending on the type of challenge, we can offer our customers three types of solutions and collaboration formats

Development of the new ingredient

Thanks to our own innovative laboratory, experience of our specialists, understanding of market and technological know-how of research officers, we guarantee quality and success of our ingredients.

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Development of the end product

We provide a full range of research and production processes for creation of commercially successful food products using the world’s best ingredients.

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Adaptation of existing ingredien

On the basis of our innovative and manufacturing complex we carry out a full range of works in research, testing and adaptation of ingredients for the challenges of our customers.

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Production success

The effectiveness of comprehensive solutions

The key advantage of comprehensive solution

FROM KR Ingredients

The opportunity to get a fully-fledged road map for creation and successful sale of the end product to the consumer.


During the development of this solution, we take responsibility not only for the ingredients we have developed, but also for the taste of the product that will be offered to the consumer.

The peculiarity of the approach

This approach is based on an understanding of our client's distribution channels, as well as the results of our own marketing research.

Use of analytical data

Knowing tastes, places of purchase and the specifics of consumer perception, we develop a solution that will be as effective as possible in this particular situation.

Initial development of the product

We develop the product using the ingredients we have created in our own experimental workshop.

Minimum implementation threshold

After a cycle of tastings and improvements, we offer our client to try the product. This allows our customers to evaluate the quality of the solution we have created as quickly as possible and without the need to use their own production facilities.

Production of the product

After agreeing on the product recipe, we provide all the technical documentation necessary for its production and work it out at the client's enterprise with the participation of our technologists.

Technological support

Every solution that KR Ingredients customers buy comes with lifetime 24/7 technology support.


KR Ingredients is ready to help its customers and fulfil requests for the supply of ingredients as soon as possible

Please, contact us – we will promptly answer your request and propose an appropriate solution

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KR Ingredients
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