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KR Ingredients products


We are a Ukrainian manufacturer with experience in Ukraine and the world. In the production of our products, we use the experience and raw materials of the best global manufacturers of ingredients. We strive to bring innovations to life and are constantly in search of new ideas. Our priority is always high quality and a creative approach in creating products.

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Functional blends

KR Ingredients offers ready solutions for all spheres of meat processing and sausage production. Our innovation department is constantly researching and developing new functional mixtures, meat product recipes and optimizing existing solutions.

The use of our functional solutions allows you to improve the key product criteria such as taste, texture, juiciness, tenderness, as well as to improve potentially unattractive aspects of the product.

In our assortment you will find:

  • Stabilizers to improve consistency, bind moisture and emulsify fats
  • Preservatives for extending the shelf life of products
  • Systems for injecting semi-finished products and delicacies

Spice and Combi blends

KR Ingredients has a complete range of ingredients to make meat products even tastier.

We also create individual spice mixes and complex additives for various meat and sausage products.
Creating flavor mixes and combi blends, we use spices, spice extracts and flavorings, both from the most famous flavour houses and from family producers of top notes with many years of history.

Thanks for buying quality ingredients from a variety of suppliers, our developers always have the right ingredients for each specific project. This allows us to give a unique taste to the finished product.

Seasonings for snacks

We have created and are constantly expanding the collection of seasonings for snacks.

If you need mixes for croutons, chips, extrusion, popcorn, nuts, etc. - KR Ingredients offers the best taste in several variations.

If you are looking for a unique, unusual taste - the R&D engineers of KR Ingredients will create it for you.
You've probably already tried our seasonings when buying snacks at the supermarket, but you can check out our top products by contacting us.

Sauces and marinades

Sauces and marinades – these are what makes the finished product perfect.

KR Ingredients offers a range of HoReCa sauces for every taste. Based on tomatoes, fruit puree and mayonnaise base; for baking and ready to consumption.

We have a line of clean label sauces. 
Different packaging from 100 g to 20 kg is possible.

Marinades from KR Ingredients become key success factors of the final products that our clients offer to the consumer. Our assortment includes dry and liquid marinades for meat and fish.

If you are a retailer, culinary or end consumer, we have a patented line of products that has no analogues in Ukraine. These are marinades in a bag TM Easy Grill.

With TM Easy Grill marinades, barbecuing or baking in the oven becomes even easier. Just put the meat in the bag, close it, and after an hour you can bake marinated meat, fish or vegetables.

Vegan products

The trend of vegan food is rapidly developing all over the world and we are joining it with TM Wanted Vegan.

Wanted Vegan are vegan alternatives to meat and fish, and they're delicious.

Private label

We have a successful experience of implementing projects for our partners under their label.

Our production facilities, several production lines and our own innovation laboratory allow us to create products according to the client's specifications and carry out the entire production cycle from the selection of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product under private label.

We provide an opportunity to:

  • Develop and package powder and liquid products
  • Develop an exclusive line of flavor blends under your TM
  • Create an innovative line of functional blends for your brand, in accordance with the terms of reference.

If you have an idea for your own brand, we will bring it to life together with you.


KR Ingredients is ready to help its customers and fulfil requests for the supply of ingredients as soon as possible

Please, contact us – we will promptly answer your request and propose an appropriate solution

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